Common Sense

Taking a nap on a railroad track
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Common sense is not a sense at all, its more along the lines of a pragmatic approach to everyday issues that arise for everyone. Life is filled with choices and although those choices are not obvious due to their mundane nature, they must be made. Some are large and some are small and others are life threatening if overlooked. One of the most striking things you will encounter is someone who is oblivious to the world around them. The person in this example would approach each day with a false confidence expecting nothing unusual to occur, even though the active decisions being made frequently run counter to practical problem solving.

In an advanced society there are certain education levels that are assumed due to the school system we have in place. If you are a certain age, society at large will expect you to display a minimum command of the concepts introduced in the grades for that age. Unfortunately, having an advanced society also means there will be an uneven education for a good number of people and for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is the motivation level of the student. Many important concepts introduced in kindergarten though 12th grade are only touched on briefly and for some, a second thought about them is never given.

The following is list of Common Sense decisions that we will expand as you the reader send in your pearls of wisdom.

1. Clean up after yourself

2. Don’t walk out in front of a car.

3. Don’t let your dog trip you.

4. Get a good education

5. Brush your teeth

6. Don’t walk under ladders

7. Don’t over eat.

8. Be kind

9. If you are a driver, don’t speed or tailgate other drivers

10. Don’t gamble

11. Turn the lawnmower off before cleaning it

12. Don’t feed the bears at the park

13. A snake is not your friend

14. Don’t steal

15. Don’t murder

16. Obey the Constitution